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Nobody expects to be involved in a legal conflict with another party. Litigating a dispute is expensive, emotionally draining, and time-consuming. Matters can take years to resolve through litigation with no guarantee that the outcome will be favorable. At NS Mediation Group, we act as an independent, neutral third party, helping individuals and businesses resolve conflicts through virtual and in-person mediation. Mediation enables all parties to reach a settlement without having to go through formal litigation. If you have a legal dispute that you believe could be settled out of court, contact NS Mediation Group at (818) 730-3127 to speak with a professional mediator. We serve parties throughout California with offices in Thousand Oaks area and downtown Los Angeles through AMCC.
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American Mediation Conciliation Center (AMCC) is a full service dispute resolution firm with technically competent and procedurally sophisticated professionals providing effective and professional resolutions. AMCC is reshaping the ADR industry with streamlined processes, efficient facilitation and reasonable fee structures. Click here to learn more.

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Why Choose

Prolonged litigation can financially devastate a person or small business. Mediation provides a critical alternative for parties hoping to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. 

Cost-effective dispute resolution - Online mediation saves both time and money, allowing parties to resolve their disputes without having to go to trial, hire expensive expert witnesses, or pay exorbitant discovery costs.

Decades of Experience - With nearly 40 years of experience litigating matters, attorney David Schlueter has become a highly sought-after mediator on a wide variety of cases. He has helped parties reach resolutions on numerous matters, including those involving real estate, construction, bodily injury, elder care, family law and insurance issues.

Fair, unbiased result - In mediation, both parties have a say in how the conflict is resolved. A mediator’s role is to provide professional guidance on how to settle the dispute at hand. With the assistance of the mediator, the parties have the ultimate decision in how the matter is resolved.

How We Can Help

At NS Mediation Group, we provide dispute resolution for a broad range of disputes. Our goal is always to help parties reach a reasonable, agreeable result that benefits everyone involved. 

The financial hardship created by formal litigation is unbearable for the average person or small business. Mediation offers an affordable solution that avoids these costs, allowing the parties to confidentially settle the matter with the assistance of a neutral third party.

How Mediation

Under most circumstances, mediation is a voluntary process agreed to by all parties in a dispute. An impartial mediator helps the parties understand the other side’s issues and concerns driving the underlying conflict.

Professional mediation not only reduces conflict but it encourages cooperation. Both parties are able to be heard in a neutral setting and are given a say in the outcome of the case. 

Flexible, Innovative Solutions

At NS Mediation Group, we use our decades of litigation experience to advise parties and stakeholders on how to resolve conflicts quickly and confidentially. Our innovative strategies help to ensure that all voices are heard, and the important issues are addressed.

We offer guided virtual as well as in-person mediation for safe, hassle free access to quality services.

By focusing on what really matters, we can help parties arrive at practical settlement solutions. Parties who choose mediation are often more satisfied with the outcome since they were part of constructing the final agreement.

Resolve Your Conflict Through Mediation

If you are involved in a legal dispute but want to avoid the stress and expense of formal litigation, contact NS Mediation Group today. Call (818) 730-3127 to get started.

Experience Neutral Mediation

When looking to settle a dispute, you need someone who will remain neutral and dedicated. With NS Mediation you can rest easy knowing that your dispute is being mediated by a neutral professional with over 40 years of law experience.

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