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The relationship between a landlord and tenant can quickly deteriorate when one threatens litigation against the other to resolve a dispute. Conflicts are not uncommon in these relationships, but many can be resolved through open communication and a willingness to find common ground outside of court. At NS Mediation Group, we help facilitate a mutually beneficial resolution in disputes between landlords and tenants. Our skilled, professional mediators have decades of experience. They have helped resolve countless conflicts ranging from relatively simple matters to those involving complex issues that would typically take years to resolve. If you are involved in a landlord and tenant dispute but would like to reach a settlement through a neutral, unbiased mediator, contact our office to schedule a session. Call (818) 730-3127 to get started. 

Private and Confidential Agreement

Mediation is a voluntary, informal process that is facilitated by a third-party mediator. The mediator does not render a decision in the case but instead acts as an impartial intermediary that can provide guidance on how to resolve the conflict amicably. Agreements reached through mediation are private and confidential, protecting the reputation of all parties. Both the landlord and tenant are given a say in the outcome of the dispute, allowing them to reach a settlement that addresses their needs and concerns.

Why Consider Mediation for Landlord/Tenant Disputes?

Mediation can be beneficial to both parties as it can save time and money. Litigating a landlord/tenant dispute can be very expensive and emotionally taxing. It can also remain unresolved for months or years. Mediation substantially reduces the amount of time it takes to settle a conflict and can save both parties thousands of dollars in court costs. Benefits to mediation for landlord/tenant disputes:
  • Allows both parties to have control over the outcome of the case
  • Ensures that the interests and concerns of both parties are addressed
  • Mitigates the risk of loss that occurs during litigation
  • Provides flexibility in how the matter is resolved
  • Helpful for parties that have an ongoing relationship
  • Lessens the chance that a disgruntled party will leave a bad property review
Mediation is a great option for landlords and tenants that are willing to work together to find a mutually agreeable solution to the problem. Mediators help bring the parties to the table and provide assistance in finding a manageable resolution.

Custom-made Solutions for Landlord/Tenant Issues

Unlike in litigation or in eviction proceedings, mediation allows landlords and tenants to customize the final agreement. As long as both parties agree to the outcome and it is not prohibited by state or federal law, the settlement can be tailored to meet the individual needs of both parties.  Mediation ensures that both sides are heard and that their concerns are addressed during negotiations or are reflected in the outcome. Landlord and tenant disputes can be handled in one or more sessions, depending on the complexity of the situation.

Contact a Professional Landlord/Tenant Mediator Today

If you are involved in a landlord/tenant dispute and would like the assistance of a highly qualified mediator, contact our office. You can book a session by calling (818) 730-3127 Attorney David Schlueter is an arbitrator with the California State License Board, on the board of directors for the Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County, and was a practicing litigator for nearly 40 years. He has extensive experience mediating landlord/tenant disputes in the Thousand Oaks area and throughout California.

Experience Neutral Mediation

When looking to settle a dispute, you need someone who will remain neutral and dedicated. With NS Mediation you can rest easy knowing that your dispute is being mediated by a neutral professional with over 40 years of law experience.

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