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"David mediated a multi-party construction dispute involving contract issues, delay claims, and liquidated damages. While his grasp of the legal issues was obvious, even more impressive was David’s ability to build rapport with the attorneys and clients without sacrificing authenticity as an objective neutral whose primary concern was to resolve the dispute at hand. David’s preparation in evaluating both the facts and the legal arguments before mediation provided for an efficient and effective use of time at our mediation session. Even though we were unable to resolve the dispute during the first day of mediation, David kept his word to keep settlement discussions going over several weeks, reaching a global resolution of the matter. David’s tenacity and relentless approach makes him a top-notch mediator."

C. Ng, Esq.

"David’s intricate knowledge of the law, emotional intelligence traits and communication skills combine to make him a highly effective neutral. He is one of the few mediators I automatically consider for most of my cases, and I never hesitate to recommend David to colleagues or clients."

C. Trembley, Esq.

"Our firm has used Mr. Schlueter as a Mediator on several occasions in the past. In most instances, the cases were complicated by both legal and personal issues which existed between the parties. Mr. Schlueter was very adept at identifying the strengths and problems on both sides in order to bring the parties to the table for serious discussions. His skill as a Mediator was evident in his ability to bridge the legal and personal gaps on both sides to achieve a settlement. We would definitely recommend him and plan to use him in the future."

P. Parish Esq.

"David is a skilled construction mediator. I have used David for several mediations now and it is clear that he has a strong grasp of construction law from both the claims and defense side of a case. He has always been well prepared on the day of mediation and follows up with the parties for further mediation if the case was not ready to settle on the first attempt. I would highly recommend David for any type of construction dispute."

T. Tate, Esq.

"I have used David Schlueter for two mediations in which both cases resolved. He is one of the most effective mediators I have worked with in my 25+ years practicing law. I would highly recommend using him and I will definitely be using him again!"

S. Kirwin, Esq.

"When David was an attorney, I had the pleasure of working with him, even on the opposite sides of an issue. I always found him to be a capable and well-prepared, attorney, and more importantly – person, of the highest regard. His transition to becoming a mediator appears to have been seamless and those same characteristics are serving him well when dealing with both sides of case. Having represented both plaintiffs and defendants, he is well qualified to appreciate the arguments made by both sides, and used that insight to bring even the most contentious of parties together for a settlement of a highly disputed matter in which I was involved. David demonstrated his patience to take the time to educate both sides on aspects of the law that impacted their case, as well as being open-minded and willing to listen and be educated."

D. Cribbs, Esq.

"Dave, just a quick note of appreciation for your work as Mediator on this matter. We recommended you as someone who could work with a problem property owner/hoarder/etc. and you did not disappoint! Thanks again."

Confidential LA Attorney

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Schlueter as a mediator on a messy construction defect case, and he was terrific. Mr. Schlueter not only listened carefully to each party; he gathered information that was key and knew when and how to communicate it to the parties effectively. He is patient, thorough and insightful. I would not hesitate to use him as a mediator in the future."

Confidential LA Attorney
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