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Construction disputes are unique areas of the law in that the parties involved generally have some sort of working relationship. Resolving these conflicts through litigation can be challenging, particularly if the parties need to preserve their business relationship. Litigation can be highly adversarial, promoting hostility and conflict. At NS Mediation Group, we help parties involved in construction disputes find a mutually agreeable solution without having to go through formal litigation. As experienced construction mediators partnered with the Arbitration Mediation Conciliation Center (AMCC), we know the critical issues that arise during these conflicts and can help parties find common ground so that the matter is resolved timely. If you are involved in a construction dispute but would like to pursue mediation to settle the case, contact our office at (818) 730-3127. We serve parties in Thousand Oaks and throughout California.

How a Mediator Can Help Resolve Construction Disputes

A construction mediator is a neutral, third-party that facilitates communication between parties involved in a dispute. Through this informal, confidential process, many parties are able to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement. A construction mediator does not:
  • Decide the outcome of the case
  • Represent the parties
  • Provide guidance to one party but not the other
  • Engage in negotiations on behalf of either of the parties
One of the most significant benefits of mediation is that both parties are involved in shaping the final settlement. The outcome of the case is not left up to a judge, jury, or arbitrator; by allowing the parties to have a voice in the resolution, everyone’s needs and concerns are addressed.

Should I Pursue Mediation?

Mediation has several advantages compared to formal litigation. Prolonged litigation is expensive for everyone involved. Discovery costs, court fees, and administrative expenses can add up quickly. For a small business or independent contractor, litigation can result in financial ruin. Mediation is substantially less expensive, making it a cost-effective way to solve disputes that commonly arise during construction. Mediation also empowers parties to negotiate in the hopes of reaching a compromise. It is flexible and allows for a custom-made outcome that a trial can not provide. In most cases, mediation will work if all of the parties are willing to come together to resolve the matter. If one or both parties are unwilling or unable to negotiate a fair settlement, then mediation is unlikely to be successful.

Finding Common Ground in Construction Disputes

Because of the special relationship between the parties involved in a construction dispute, mediation is generally a favorable option. Matters can be resolved quickly and alleviate the uncertainty of how litigation will resolve. Mediation can help to reduce frustration by narrowing the focus to the critical concerns of each party. It encourages cooperation and is particularly helpful for parties hoping to continue a personal or professional relationship. Mediation, under most circumstances, is voluntary and still allows the parties to pursue litigation if a mutually agreeable settlement cannot be reached.

Resolve Your Construction Dispute Without Litigation

If you or your client are involved in a construction dispute but would like assistance resolving the matter out of court, contact NS Mediation Group to schedule a session.  Our construction mediators have decades of experience litigating construction-related cases and will help you achieve a fair resolution. We serve parties throughout in the Thousand Oaks area and throughout California. Call (818) 730-3127 to discuss your matter today. Attorney and lead mediator David Schlueter is an arbitrator with the California Contractors State License Board and a member of the Southern California Mediation Association. He has completed mediation training in a wide range of areas, including “Mediating Complex Construction Disputes.”

Experience Neutral Mediation

When looking to settle a dispute, you need someone who will remain neutral and dedicated. With NS Mediation you can rest easy knowing that your dispute is being mediated by a neutral professional with over 40 years of law experience.

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